I've published four books:  The Life I Lead (1999), The Smallest People Alive (2004),  Next to Nothing (2014), and This Is True Love (2020).  I've also published short stories in Kenyon Review, Other Voices, Minnesota Review, and Third Coast, among many journals and magazines.   I've had stories anthologized in O. Henry Prize Stories, Best Gay Short Stories, and The Best of   

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    The Smallest People Alive  (2004)

    "If Banner keeps writing these stories, he will float up into the stratosphere presently reserved for the likes of Mary Gaitskill, Katherine Anne Porter, Denis Johnson, and Flannery O’Connor. He doesn’t lean on the quirky and clever as so much of contemporary writing does. These stories don’t burp out some subtle bittersweet truth in the end. They are bold and harrowing and, starting with the first sentence, they will make you ache." (Michael Fitzgerald, Other Voices)

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