• Keith Banner

Barbara Stanwyck

how many cigarettes

did barbara stanwyck smoke

her whole goddamn career?

infinity is the answer

an infinite number of cigarettes

being lit, the smoke

even unfilmed

blown out of such

dedicated lips

every movie

makes you understand

the working class

even when she was trolling

and doing some uptight

queen, she was hard-core

she was the the bitch you

do not mess with

the one lady you


that combination of

mousy and determined

that is where

her glamour

is located that nexus

not giving 1 shit and

then letting you know in secret

she can kill you

with one



phyllis does me in


double indemnity for those who don't know

platinum-blonde california


at the wheel of her

stupid car

and fred macmurray

strangling her stupid husband

but the camera

on her

face, her expression

a gorgeous mask of need

and vengeance

and curdled love

she knows

what life is

once it is snuffed out

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