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Comedy Zone Entry Info (Holiday Inn, Johnson City, TN, Thanksgiving 2014)

we went to see my mom

in tennessee

2014, thanksgiving


it wasn't a great idea

but you know you try

and we stayed in a holiday inn

in johnson city because

it never works out staying with her

they had a comedy night there at

the johnson city holiday inn

with a whiteboard

of magic-marker rules

like 'always wait to be seated'


'stay outside... until we finish cleaning'

what would a standup comedy show

be like

in johnson city tn? we didn't have the nerve

but in our own little lives

it was pretty perfect, the comedy

was relentless

not going to go into it


except to say

life is short and you

do what you can with what you

have to work with

and well

i've never really understood how

to work with

what i got so it's better

to just figure out how

to leave

we got a little drunk in our rooms

during the whole goddamn miasma

succoring shelter

from thanksgiving shit

i can't explain

we even went to see INTERSTELLAR

at the johnson city mall so

we could hide from the

whole shebang

and at one point

i remember

there was laughter

there at the holiday inn

stand-up comedy happening in

the bible-belt

jitters and titters

and then silence

and microphone feedback and

that feeling

you get when it's time to stop

it's just time

to come to an understanding

there was a gorgeous blackhole in that movie

by the way


dream of relentless




and the last line

on the holiday inn whiteboard


(all caps)

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