• Keith Banner

Everything Is Nostalgia

1981 that's

it as i walk around

outside now

heat like a comeuppance

and all that feeling

as i walk


myself like i think

i was

not bad

just real enough

to laugh

that one summer


stands out because

i was alone mostly

it was

misery right?

no just

what it needed to be

i had access to

a 1972 chevrolet


black like

darth vader

and also

a skinny yellow


a brain-damaged helicopter

i'd take places


at that time at the

kentucky fried chicken

mostly spending that

summer eyes wide open

watching movies


between shifts

which you'd think would feel sad

but no it was perfect

so it was changing the fryer grease and

escape to new york

cleaning out the walk-in and clash of the titans

mopping the floors and raiders of the lost ark

the whole world was 2 things

which is nice

when you think about


fucking monastic

you can

forget the whole stupid

shebang in a certain fashion

just a paycheck

and a screen

thinking about

nothing else

everything is

nostalgia if you really get down to it

moments flashing by real quick and then

you need to remember

how that flash


who you are

what you need

to know

who you are

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