• Keith Banner

Face Masks

face masks are the new litter

that's ok it comes with the territory

they kind of look like

little sky-blue pieces of underwear

star wars diapers

they don't make me sad

they make me wonder why

and then again they are everywhere

like movie stars are everywhere

instagram and people magazine and dreams you have

during sad little 2 o'clock naps when it rains

like diamond rings on the fingers of movie stars

or even let's just cut to the chase

face masks on movie stars

all that cosmetic surgery

covered up for the sake of not

getting it

it's really all ok

they say it came from

inside some stressed-out



poor creature

butchered next to a can

of fanta organge soda

the sound of a radio in the

background i'm thinking

99 luft balloons

and we all need to eat

that's the sad thing


something not even cronenberg could make you believe

just a goddamn

thingy thing

moving through air and into

nostrils, eyes, mouths


i remember the moment before

on the edge of it

the complete banality of blood and


paper napkins cash registers


the moment before

it knew

what it was

innocent sort of

like a bumble-bee

looking for

a flower

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