• Keith Banner

Feels So Good

there it was

all stupid and sweet

like it was taking off its towel

to that music

coming from the african-american gentleman's


chuck mangione's 'feels so good'

and cigar smoke

a table saw

next door

a couple of kids

ask me what i'm doing

and i say walking

and they ask me what i'm doing again

and i say walking

and that goes on for

a while until their voices fade and then

it comes at me


nothing but

as i walk down a hill of

crooked sidewalk

lemontree is the street name

and it's just something

but nothing

but chuck mangione

and kid voices

and cigar smoke

and all the makeshift

half-alive houses

not calling out as much

as looking away

kind of embarrassed

not wanting to say anything

that sky

is embarrassing

i guess

and then

up kingsbury past that

one house with the

pitbull inside a chainlink fence

standing there

not barking or mad

his face saying

hey you yeah i forget your name -- yeah you -- what's your name again?

i'm really bad at names

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