• Keith Banner


it's not even funny

how things

fall apart

but you laugh anyway

you make

yourself laugh


often get tickled i'd guess

at a car they can't fix

no matter what they do

the thing is just

dead and explaining

that to people

is a little hard

but what else

can you do?

you're not a goddamn


you want to

make people happy though

you want to get out of

your own

sad little dungeon

my dad

was like that

is like that

we don't talk anymore

but he was always wanting

to make people happy

even though he was miserable

as if making people

happy is the key

to unlocking that

cage of misery

when in fact

misery is all you know

and probably

your only

goal in life

and maybe


only comfort

who cares?

one of these days

we will talk, me and him

or at least

remember each other


never in

the flesh

always outside of

what's there

in one another's dreams

or a joke

you tell yourself

to get over

everything else

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