• Keith Banner

Joyfully, Playfully Watching Me

i guess it's over

the party is

the car is

idling, a glass of wine

somebody forgot they poured

(the cheap shit)

is whispering

its little song, the

logical song

supetramp jukebox bull-shit

played at a motel bar

really sad electric piano


and quaaludes

everyone is in search

of something other than

what they actually need

it's ok

the eyes close

the mouth closes

just stars and

trees, a piece of glass

from a busted


a patio incursion

the 70s smell like

blown-out candles

you can't repair

what has been done to you

you can only

sing a song about it

under your breath

hoping it makes it to the radio

top 40

casey kasem etc

the logical song: when I was young

it seemed that life was so wonderful

A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical

And all the birds in the trees, well they'd be singing so happily

Oh joyfully, playfully watching me

no miracles at this point

just memories

of other ordeals


melodies from busted windows

flashlights shining on

a time when

there was no running away

just standing there saying:

i know, i know, jesus fucking christ

i know

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