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Junior Achievement

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

this one is about

junior achievement

which was


i guess still a thing

where local business pople

help today's youth

know what it takes to be

successful in business

or whatever

and there we were

me and 2 other fools

friends on the outside of it all

i can't remember why we even

did this

except there was a joint involved

and the dairy queen was

next door to the junior achievement


an old insurance office building

someone donated

near a conrfield

53rd street

or something

aqua hallways

and empty offices

a place for dogooders

me and i don't remember

their names, my friends

we just were friends

but it was a buick we arrived in

glass packed muffler and all

and me in my hoodie

and whatever i could pull together

between kfc shifts

it was a joke

but i was excited

secretly hell i wanted

to be a

junior achiever too

so we go in and they tell us

where to go

some back-office

where there's this short full-on muscular

guy with

a fumanchu and polyester pants

vestiges of a three-piece ensemble

setting up a birdhouse-

making station

and other kinds of numb-faced


teenagers just there because

it's junior achievement

he said he was

a delco remy

manager he said he was glad to be


me and whoever i was with

we start laughing

and the guy with the fumanchu

tries to soilder through

i was never really

a hood

just pretending

and that guy in the polyester pants

he was

someone in my mind then

someone i was making up


and hurt


maybe 2 kids

both babies

and his wife someone

he thought he knew




short and dumb and on the money

maybe not dumb

just wanting to help

the other two boys i was with

did not understand, did not receive

this polyester radiation

someone you could love like that

wanting so badly

to help


we were fucked up

we were foolish

we laughed at those

stupid plexiglass birdhouses

he wanted today's youth to market

to make strategic plans


we mocked him

(that's what we were supposed to do)

he noticed and he

had that hurt pissed-off face

all dogooders try to hide

and i thought no let's stop laughing

but we didn't and soon enough

we got kicked out of there

losers, someone remarked

and yes it was snowing

next door was the

dairy queen

peanut buster parfaits

that deliciousness


and me back in the backseat

eating that

fucked up as hell

and yet sorrowful

completely in love with

that loser and unable to speak

you have to fall in love

with losers

to know exactly

what dairy queen


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