• Keith Banner

Kemper Road, Close to the Church

the white door

is scuffed as hell

like somebody tried

multiple times

to kick that sucker in

but it withstood

and the garage doors are

slightly off

like a zipper

that does not zip right

and the smoky orange


of the siding

the windows about ready to


the back yard

has lost its

goddamn mind

this old man

out front

little messed-up

dog on a leash

the old man's

hair is like the cotton you pull out of

an aspirin bottle


and he's whispering

saying inside his head but it is getting out

poop honey

come on poop

but the dog

is freaked

by traffic

by bugs and birds

and the old man

decides it's just not time

and they both

go back inside the house

to wait

it out

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