• Keith Banner

King and Clown

nobody understands what it is

the plain exact moment

of what it is

king and clown


here today

which place is

the better place

to work?

i asked that at

their wedding,

but people just laughed

there's real hope

always when you first get that first job

when you're that young

a paycheck

means some-


i mean

have you ever worked a double at

one of those places?

(another question at the wedding


smiling but moving on)

you smell

like the greasy end

of the world when

you clock out

significantly tired

and since you don't have a car

you have to walk home

in the dark

past the cineplex

the weedy lots

outside your

apartment complex

where at one time

they were going to build

houses but shit

just did not go

and at night the world here

is barren of complications

thank god

you being so tired and


one dream gets you through

but most of the time

it's something you only turn to

when you forget what

you're supposed to be doing


inside your apartment now

after closing the door

you start to wonder about yourself

you start to reconfigure

i mean

they're just company mascots

kind of


like getting married

changes anything

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