• Keith Banner

Kingsbury and Lincolnshire

the center of the universe

i do not know why

split-level with

yellow aluminum siding

like a magic marker about to dry out

confetti all over the ground

from you-know-who

being too tired to pick up trash

before he mows

and the back yard

burnt out

fence planks

pulled out of the ground

leaned up against each other

back there by that tree is

the place where you hear

someone say

"i shit you not"

and a dog not barking

just standing there wanting to


sidewalks like buck teeth

windows without any ideas

blank-hearted, confused

by a letter from a lawyer

and after work we return to

what we always are

the weeds speak our name

but the weeds know better

crawling up against the siding

with a sky without a sky

and inside

electrical sockets eyeing

the medications beside

the sink

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