• Keith Banner


lincolnshire is my jam

navy blue pt cruiser with 2 flat tires

right out there in the sunshine

and a swimming pool

with kids in it screaming

5 pm or so

all the 2-story houses look like they just got off work

pissed off and super-tired

and "work" is basically just staying there

in place

not falling into the earth

but they seem like they are ready to

and here we are ladies and gents

the skunk smell becomes a gasoline smell and then


the smell of weeds and flowers

fresh cut

old lady perfume

and windex


they moved didn't you hear?

everywhere you look is lived in

is about to be taken away

aluminum siding sliding into the abyss

and concrete

like saltine crackers

2 mexican kids beating on a garage door

with a big tree limb

and the bleach-blonde

older lady next door

just getting off work

spots a glass bottle in her yard

and she says

completely sincerely

there's a bottle over here kids

in my yard

not supposed to be here OK?

let's pick it up

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