• Keith Banner


i know what it means

what this part of

kill bill vol. 2


that is stretching it

but still

the moment when

michael madsen is making

magaritas with the filthiest

blender ever filmed

in that nasty trailer

with daryl hannah

and her eye-patch

right there

both kind of trashy-happy

knowing what

they know

he knows

he's going to get a bunch of money

for killing

uma thurman

she knows there's

a goddamn

death-snake in the suitcase

of money

it's transactional

it's what

you get in


i know i know

kind of harsh


trailer-culture like that

but quentin t

seems to know

instinctively what that shit is

flimsy paneling

carpeting on


i've been there before

in such places

trying to understand

what everything means

when it doesn't mean


no movie cameras

no narrative

structure but this time

michael madsen

grabs some sticky-looking

mason jars from the cabinet

after all the ice

and pressing those nasty blender



and the cheap

margarita mix from winn-dixie

pouring it all

into those jars

happy as fuck

with beautiful one-eyed

daryl knowing what is about

to happen

quentin t


he must have



along what

all this is

people doing

what people do until

they don't

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