• Keith Banner

Morning Glory and Midnight Sun

this one

is about debby




from tennessee

to indiana

where she stayed

with us, mom's crazy-assed niece

trying to escape

what she had done

to her life

and then

of course debby's red-headed


the one

she was running


followed 2 days later

tall skinny

mastermind and stalker

with a mother with

a major drinking


so i guess he had

to have one


he could

work a room


lynyrd skynyrd

smile and that long bushy hair

pale with freckles all over the place

and debby

she was something

then too

double mascara

and lip gloss, tanning outside our screen-door

with crisco

laughing too loud at everything

but trying to be

serious too

like always


her acting chops

what did her and paul get into

in florida anyway?

nobody knew

and my dad

before he fell into his own trap

working 2 jobs that same summer


the whole thing

esp paul

mom going to some

neighbor lady's house

to babysit during the day

it was like a tv show

had arrived any 11-year-old

would love it esp this one

the tension

the loud mouth

red-headed dude

holding onto

his teenaged

wife real tight

in a house where nothing

ever happened except

people trying to go to sleep and then trying to wake up

and eating

whatever there was

to eat

but paul

going on and on

about xmen

and robert mitchum


midnight popcorn

and midnight special with

wolfman jack

introducing helen reddy

followed by secret loud sucking sounds

of love

in the living room

then one day

me and debby and paul

walk through the cornfield and next to the interstate

to k-mart

bored as hell

and we pick up the city bus there

go downtown

paul flipping through the newspaper he borrowed

from some old lady seated next to us


for a movie

to see

debby in shorts

and haltertop

and paul in unbuttoned flannel shirt and cutoffs

and pre-teen me

just there

i forget what I had on

and paul yelled

real loud

a star is born!

which we checked out

downtown at some plush

musty theater

where an old guy


still played a pipe organ

between showings

it was just us

vaulted ceiling and angels painted on it

streisand and kristofferson

love soft as

an easy chair

debby all into it

like she was seeing her future

like she was now able to see her own life

on a

huge screen

in this tragic small midwestern town

her own complicated emotions played out

by this famous lady

with a really crazy-looking afro

and paul

all kristoffersoned out anyway

with his hippie-catholic smile and dreamed-out eyes

the sun outside

the theater

was like hot bleach

i remember

debby's face

that afternoon as we walked back

to get the bus

how she seemed completely

stunned, her glossed-up lips shut tight

that movie

taking over who she was

for the two and half hours it shined

now she was

trying to remember

some of the words that were spoken


to picture

that one last scene

where kris died

in a babs' arms

after the inevitable car crash

under a california



debby thinking

that is

all there is

debby thinking

never forget


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