• Keith Banner


this movie

never got made

nobody wanted to see it

nobody wanted to be in it

or even think about it

still it's here in the world

even though it never got made

this movie here made of

strange fat molecules

tentacles enveloping some holy book

candles burning backwards

the desire to be wanted

is reflected in everyone's slightly stupid

glassy eyes

this movie has no plot

outside of

snow and tigers

something else about

drinking too much

something else about

a man no longer in love

with his wife

or something else


every moment is

a movie

a really stupid movie

if you think about it

a movie no one

needs to see

no one wants to see

but it's there on-

screen like i don't know like

star wars the phantom menace

or jaws 4: the revenge

moments not necessarily

needed or even wanted

just there pointlessly

ongoing pointlessly there

forever streaming until

they burn through themselves into



on where to go

when there's no place

left to go

just that feeling

of having been here


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