• Keith Banner


Updated: Jul 31, 2020

one of the greatest pleasures

of the civilized world

happens when the

electricity goes off

because of nature

because of not paying

doesn't matter

one of the greatest pleasures


getting ripped and

finding songs

meaningful little ditties

that bump into each other

like total strangers

on the highway

in terribly beautiful cars

the statler brothers

doing "class of 57"

like they're bringing

potato salad to somebody's house because they died

and the goddamn flock of seagulls whispering

their version of a "space age love song"

like sad pervs in a pizza hut

destroying what's left of

their dignity

and somehow the statler men

and the seagull guys

are in the same frame

and you're feeling

such love for the universe

such love for it all

without electricity

darkness outside and inside

a candle and some

red wine

that feeling

you never get to know

until you you're shut out of

everything else

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