• Keith Banner


i don't know

this shit is embarrassing

a true-crime kind

of thing

stupid +


you have to believe in something

so why not just

believe in happiness?

but you know what?

happiness is a


and then too

there's this undercurrent

this feeling that

you are about to

find a clue

and then you realize

it's just a secret phone number


available to

tree-limbs and squirrels

you're way too nervous

it's a party-line

but then also

a fractured little recipe appears

a casserole

made out of

harmless smiles

houses half burned down

evil little looks

at retirement parties

suddenly you know

what you're doing

but then again

you're took down

as you

wash your

fat little


in some bathroom

in a small town

where you're telling

that one guy

you need something


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