• Keith Banner

The Next Wave

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

the next wave

is what can never last

that smile in the back of a cabinet

that terrible little voice

a mouse's voice

talking about how much it loves parties

a bird on the other side of the kitchen window

looking in

placidly perched on a tree-limb

a beak cannot smile

but bird-eyes smile

without smiling

they leak a sort of light

a grim

glassy punctuation

like the buttons on a thrift-store


there's never enough to eat

there's never enough to

think about

the next wave

distorts itself

washed away by its own

ocean of


and then

what is left is

the next wave after that

the next wave after


until you understand

what you are


which is very

unimportant; it is

not even a fight

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