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every time i go past this one house

i hear michael jackson

sing "billy jean" and remember

him on the american music awards

may 16 1983

moonwalking the fuck out of that stage

the house is pure mauve-and-kelly-green

genius, not a mansion

just a handsome 2-story

kids who hated me lived in

perfect for pool parties

and hot chocolate when the blizzard hits

and a big-screen tv in the chilly carpeted basement

mj infiltrated mtv too, first black man

in that shit and i see that house

and i know it inside and out

even though i never got in

not what it used to be

can a lawn have scabs?

yes it can

and shutters cockeyed

like a shipwreck

and 3 busted minivans in the driveway

and the garage door can't hide

every secret ok?

but still

back then what a paradise

what a dream

they moved in new

had a big housewarming party

and i'll be goddamned

if mj wasn't on the boombox

"beat it" this time

but it was the summer of mj wasn't it?

pepsi commercials

liz taylor



and then like nothing

he's buying sculptures in a las vegas boutique

crap he already owns

he's buying

and eventually he will

need toxic gas to sleep

but damn

back then it was an above-ground pool

it was breakfast in bed

for mom

it was what it was supposed to be

for maybe

2 years


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